CribSteward’s Estate Preparedness Forms help you document and organize important estate information and manage your disaster preparedness and emergency planning efforts.  

Documenting your estate with our forms not only helps organize your estate for your use now but is highly valuable for your executor and heirs when the time comes to manage the disposition of your estate.

If you passed away today:

  • Would your family know what your bank account numbers are and how to access them?
  • Could your executor access online accounts to shut them down or stop payment on recurring services?
  • Do they know where your will, POAs and Trust documents are located?
  • Would they know what insurance policies you have and how to contact the companies?
  • Do they know what your liabilities are?

Having your estate documented helps you to be organized now and will prevent your family from having anxiety on top of grieving. Don’t delay this important Estate Planning task.

These 26 editable PDF forms, Excel Spreadsheets, and Resources are provided as part our On-Site Services or with a membership to our Estate Preparedness Website but are also sold separately.

Forms Package – $26.75

  • Accounts, Investments and Retirement – Document all of your financial accounts.
  • Artifact Location – Document where miscellaneous documents, keys, and passcodes may be located.
  • Assets – Record any physical, intellectual or digital assets that belong to your estate.
  • Communication Methods – Document the email addresses, phones, Skype, Zoom and other communication channels.
  • Contacts – Record family members, friends and associates and their contact information. Define who should be notified upon you death.
  • Disaster Preparedness Checklist Spreadsheet * – Spreadsheet that contains supplies, equipment, plans and training that can be customized to help you plan your preparedness needs.
  • Doctors, Hospitals and Clinics – Record current and past medical service providers.
  • Emergency Planning – Planning steps and information for the possible emergencies you could face.
  • Estate Planning Checklist * – List of estate planning tasks that should be completed along with the location of each artifact.
  • Fiduciaries – Record the fiduciaries and their contact information that are involved in your estate.
  • Funeral and Burial Information – Document funeral home, service information and specifics on your burial requests. 
  • Insurance Policies – Create a quick reference list for all policies.
  • Liabilities – Document any current liabilities that you may have.
  • Personal Information – Basic information about each individual in your family. Would include work history and military service.
  • Online Accounts – Record your IDs for the different online platforms and services that you have an account with such as banks, social networks, online stores or communities.
  • Medical History – Simple log of your medical history.
  • Medications and Supplements – Document your current and past medications and supplements that you take.
  • Memberships – Record your current memberships of clubs, associations and communities that require membership fees.
  • Property Inventory Spreadsheet * – Spreadsheet to record and manage your personal property inventory.
  • Supply Inventory Spreadsheet * – Spreadsheet for maintaining an inventory of your supplies, equipment and other items that you have for Disaster Preparedness.

The following resources are also included with the packet:

  • Estate Planning Forms User Guide – Guide on using the editable PDFs.
  • Checklist and Spreadsheet User Guide – Guide on using the spreadsheets.
  • Estate Preparedness Resources – Links to government, NGO and private websites to further your education on preparedness.
  • Estate Preparedness Overview – High level overviews to get you started on your preparedness journey.
    • Estate Preparedness Introduction
    • Estate Planning Overview
    • Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Planning Overview

Examples of Editable Forms

*Functionality for these forms and spreadsheets are available in our website subscription as well.